Quality is important to all of us at The Endoscopy Center, Inc.

At the Endoscopy Center, Inc., we strive to deliver the best quality product and service to all who are touched by our organization. As a focus of our mission statement and one of our core values, we take quality very seriously when making decisions and providing care to our patients and their family members.

One of the key indicators for quality colonoscopy is adenoma detection rate. This is the percentage of patients age 50 and older undergoing screening colonoscopy who have one or more precancerous polyps detected. The gastroenterologists at The Endoscopy Center, Inc. consistently perform higher than the national benchmark for adenoma detection. This is important as adenomas have been shown to be precursors to cancer and by removing these forms of polyps, we can decrease a patient’s risk of colon cancer.

The second key indicator for quality colonoscopy is average withdrawal time. The withdrawal time is the time it takes to remove the scope from the colon while examining for polyps. The average withdrawal time should be at least six minutes. The average withdrawal time for the gastroenterologists at The Endoscopy Center, Inc. is 17 minutes. You can be assured the gastroenterologist performing your procedure will take adequate time to view your colon and remove any identified polyps.

The Endoscopy Center, Inc. is also accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. (AAAHC). Being accredited means The Endoscopy Center, Inc. has undergone a rigorous professional scrutiny by highly qualified AAAHC professionals and found to provide quality care. To become accredited, The Endoscopy Center, Inc. was evaluated by these professionals and measured against nationally recognized standards of care. The Endoscopy Center, Inc. was found to demonstrate a strong commitment to maintaining patient safety, be dedicated to protecting your privacy, and meet all federal, state, and local laws as well as AAAHC Standards for the care we provide

The Endoscopy Center, Inc. has also been recognized by the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy’s (ASGE) Endoscopy Unit Recognition Program (EURP). Known as the leader in setting standards for excellence in gastrointestinal endoscopy, ASGE developed the Endoscopy Unit Recognition Program. This is the only national program to recognize quality and safety in the practice of GI endoscopy. The ASGE Certification of Recognition honors those endoscopy units for being at the forefront of patient care and safety. As a result of meeting the rigorous criteria for its Endoscopy Unit Recognition Program, ASGE has awarded the Endoscopy Center, Inc. the Certification of Recognition. With this special recognition, you can be confident we are dedicated to effective clinical care, safe care, and patient-centered care.