Anesthesia Services

Your comfort and safety is important to us. The procedures performed at The Endoscopy Center are not painful but can be uncomfortable at times. Also, there are some circumstances in which a different form of sedation may be recommended by your physician for your safety. We will review your health history with you to ensure we are meeting all of your needs.

At the Endoscopy Center, you will have your choice of light or “moderate” sedation, administered by a Registered Nurse as ordered by your Physician; or a more profound sedation administered by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). Both of these types of sedation can result in periods of memory loss surrounding the procedure, grogginess, and lack of coordination. You will need to have a driver present to get report from the physician since you may not recall speaking to them and to bring you home. Plan to take the day of your procedure off as there is no guarantee how you will react to the sedation.

The choice of CRNA anesthesia services incurs a separate charge billed by Peloton Anesthesia, PLLC.

Most health insurance plans will authorize the CRNA service but it may result in a co-insurance or deductible amount for you, the patient. It is important for you to check with your insurance to verify your benefits and confirm if medical qualifiers are required for authorization. It is important to us you will not incur any financial surprises related to the sedation you receive for your procedure.

Prior to your procedure, you will have the opportunity to visit with an anesthesia provider to discuss which type of sedation is best for you. As anesthesia providers, our goal is your comfort and safety.

If you have any questions regarding sedation services offered at The Endoscopy Center, please call BCS at (888) 278-4126.